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A new interview with Vera which you can read in the press archive and if you are able to scan this interview please do!

When opportunity knocks for Vera Farmiga, chances are she’s responsible.

To speak with Vera Farmiga is to speak with the most un-Hollywood actor you could wish for. No airs. No graces. No interview rote. No studio buffer. No specially connected conference call. No waiting by the phone. You’re just given a direct number to call her at a relative’s home in Colorado.

She’s in high spirits. Fresh from the artistic triumph of her directorial debut, Higher Ground, and best known for her Oscar-nominated performance opposite George Clooney in 2009′s Up in the Air, Farmiga is about to enjoy what she hopes will be a strong boost to her Hollywood stock. In the thriller Safe House, Farmiga stars as Catherine Linklater, an office-bound, exposition-spouting CIA agent trying desperately to track down an alleged traitor, played by Denzel Washington, who has been selling secrets to enemies of the US.

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