Welcome to Vera Farmiga Online, your source for all things on the Academy nominated actress. Vera is an accomplished actress that is recognizable from her work in Up In The Air, Orphan, The Departed, Down to the Bone and Source Code among others. This website, originally established in 2006 is your guide to regularly delivered news, a variety of media including our extensive gallery of 30,000 pictures, and information on Vera and her career. Browse around and check back for all the latest news on the wonderful and talented Vera Farmiga!
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I’m very glad to say that the site is opened again and that I got the chance to run it! I’m Maria and I’m the original owner of the site which I opened in 2006. I had to let go of the site in 2008 because of personal reasons and I always missed working on the site. Now in 2011 I got the opportunity to work on it again and as you have probably noticed has the site been up while I’ve been working on it. But now is it officially open to the public!

I hope to help you get the latest news on Mrs. Farmiga’s career and also the latest media. The site is far from finished but I’m working daily on getting all my old content back up, plus all the new stuff. The thing that is left is a lot of text content, such as updating the biography, career related information, style pages and of course photos and videos.

But you can already find a lot of information, such as facts, trivia, quotes, info on Vera’s projects. So far we have 10.000 + photos over 50 videos.

This is my way to pay tribute to my absolute favorite actress and to a woman I admire and adore. And who inspires me and I hope my hard work stands out and that you will enjoy your stay here!

And at last, thanks to Frederik for the beautiful layouts and Mycah and Riikka who has helped me with some miscellaneous things!

Feel free to post comments here and any feedback regarding the site is welcome!

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