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Down to the Bone
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Vera Farmiga as: Irene
Directed by: Debra Granik
Selected Cast: Hugh Dillon, Clint Jordan & Caridad ‘La Bruja’ De La Luz
Written by: Debra Granik & Richard Lieske
Release Year: 2004
Genre: Drama
MPAA Rating: R

Winter in hard-scrabble upstate New York. Irene is working class, a mother of two boys, and a user of cocaine. She gets into trouble and checks into a rehab program where she meets Bob, a nurse. After she goes home to her husband and returns to her job as a grocery checker, she stays in touch with Bob and the intimations of an affair begin. By now, she’s changed jobs, cleaning houses with her friend Lucy. The temptations of drugs are close at hand. Can she handle sobriety? What about Bob?

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Quotes from Vera Farmiga

• “It was a breakthrough in the sense that this was the first time I was given an opportunity to play such a fully dimensional, complex character. I’ve always worked steadily in projects that either came in under the radar, weren’t successes, or were flat-out not good. I thought I had no chance; I thought it would be the same old story–one of the Kates [Cate Blanchett or Kate Winslet] would get it. But I met with Debra, and, I don’t know, my vision and her vision of it clicked. It was pretty incredible of her to cast me despite [my] having no box office clout.”

Trivia & Facts

• Filmed in USA (view all.)

• 7 wins & 6 nominations (view all.)

• Extension of Sundance Film Festival Award Winning short film Snake Feed.