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New interview with the Goats gang, Vera, David Duchovny, Graham Phillips and Chistopher Neil by the Sundance Institute.

Coming-of-age stories in film are as ubiquitous as the human condition itself. But rarely does such a story come together as well as it does in Goats, an intricate mash of individual life journeys, all swirling around and through a 15-year pot-smoking, cross-country running, straight-A student named Ellis (Graham Phillips).

First-time filmmaker Christopher Neil fashioned his film from Mark Jude Poirier’s infectious novel (and screenplay). And while there really are two very rascally, scene-stealing goats in the movie, the story focuses more on young Ellis and his refreshingly fluid relationships with a cast of character oddities––including Ellis’ out-there mother Wendy (Vera Farmiga), stoner sage Goat Man (David Duchovny), and often absent father Frank (Ty Burrell). The film premiered at the Sundance Film Festival Tuesday evening. After the screening, Neil was joined for a Q&A by cast members, which included Phillips, Duchovny, Farmiga, and Burrell.

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